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‘I can’t use naked women in my videos,’ Kenzo talks music success

Musician Eddy Kenzo has attributed his success in the entertainment industry to originality in his music.

Kenzo, who observed that most musicians have failed to take off because they do a lot of copying and pasting, said that he is very deliberate when picking what content to use in lyrics and videos.

“I’m not selfish… whatever I do is public… I’m a Ugandan and I celebrate Uganda, and this is who I am,… and people have seen my videos, there is no nudity; I can’t use naked women in my videos… I move slow but sure, so when you look at my content, it’s for everyone, from young people to the elderly,” he said when he was asked what he thinks is the leading factor for his success in a video posted on Eddy Kenzo Media (YouTube).

“When you look at my messages, [I preach happiness]… Me I am me, I compete with Nigerians who are on an international level, in awards, shows, whatever, but I don’t mind them being bigger than me or anything, as long as I push my interests and it has kept me original in my own way, and some people see and they appreciate.”

Kenzo, who is the only Ugandan artiste to win a BET award, was recently nominated for the 2022 edition of the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA).

Meanwhile, the multi-award-winning artiste, said his career journey can be compared to David who fought Goliath and won despite odds looking to be against him.

“You can compare my journey to Solomon and David of the Bible because I’m from a humble background. I couldn’t see myself becoming what I’m today… It is a surprise but now I know it’s possible, so it’s a good feeling,” he said, adding that musicians should collaborate if they want to succeed.

“I ask God to give us the wisdom to understand that working together increases the odds of winning. We need to love each other without discrimination by race and colour,… so we are able to develop. Without unity, we are going to miss out on a lot of things,” he said, going on to explain the value of originality and self-confidence.

“Musicians need to believe in themselves… but people do a lot of copy and pasting… They don’t believe their ideas can also be good… if you don’t appreciate yourself and believe in your work, you easily get swayed by others. You lack grounding,” he added.

“People didn’t respect me until I started holding foreign concerts, that’s when people started believing in me.”

The Sitya Loss hitmaker will be holding the Eddy Kenzo Festival on November 12 at Kololo Airstrip in Kampala.

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