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“I discovered early enough that marriage is not for me,” – Sheebah

Singer Sheebah Karungi has disclosed that she has no intentions of settling down with any man.

According to the ‘Nkwata Bulungi’ singer, she faced a lot of challenges while growing up. She, therefore, does not want anyone to disturb her peace of mind.

“I discovered early enough that marriage is not for me,” she said. She explained that she wouldn’t want to be returning home every day to someone they are going to be quarreling with.

The singer added that there are some women who are just not built for marriage and will fail at it despite forcing it several times.

Sheebah, however, said that you never know, someone there might come and treat her the way she wants and end up making it official.

“I am an independent woman but never say never because someone can come from nowhere and treat me well and we end up at a wedding ceremony,” she said.

She further disclosed that at her wedding she only needs four people to attend, two people from her husband’s family and two people from her own.

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