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I had a debt of Shs18m after winning Makerere University Guild President race – Nambassa

The 87th Guild President of Makerere University, 2021/22, Shamim Nambassa who is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Pharmacy at Makerere University has revealed that the Guild President race drained her pockets as she found herself in a huge debt after winning the race.

“After the campaigns, I had a debt of Shs18M because most of the money was borrowed in my name,” said Nambassa while appearing on NTV’s Mwasuze Mutya show.

Nambassa stated that she’s not a fan of politics.

“Most times it sucks and you want to let it go but then I am not a person who can just look on as things go wrong,” she said.

Growing up, Nambassa said that she wanted to be a lawyer and later a chief judge as she admired the way they were portrayed in the movies.

“But that dream seemed far fetched because I couldn’t afford the school fees at Nabisunsa, “she said before revealing that a good Samaritan changed her life by paying the school fees.

She promised to do the same to those struggling with fees.

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