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I Handed Myself to Police to Save My Girlfriend – Sipapa 

Uganda police spokesperson, Fred Enanga released a statement on Tuesday confirming the arrest of city socialite, Sipapa over the theft of 1.6bn.

According to a video Sipapa made before his arrest, Sipapa claimed he handed himself over to the police to save his girlfriend, Shamira. She was found at his home where evidence pinning him was found.

“I’m innocent. I don’t know about these allegations I am hearing. I was upcountry when I received the information that I was a wanted man and that the police had searched my home. Why would they search my home without my permission? Anyway, I am here and after this video, I am going to hand myself over to the police. I want my wife to be left alone because she committed no crime,” he said.

The police, however, said they had arrested him from his hiding after mounting a search for days.

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