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I Have Never Slept With Anyone To Acquire Wealth – Ritah Kaggwa Hits Back At Zari

Social media blogger Ritah Kaggwa has come out to blast socialite Zari Hassan. While appearing on Sanyuka TV’s Uncut show, Ritah said that she has never slept with anyone to acquire her wealth.

Besides, she’s married unlike Zari who has had countless relationships that have all failed.

Further, Ritah said that she’s studied unlike Zari. This wasn’t enough as she also added that she has never bleached. She’s neither ever gone under surgery just to look good.

Ritah, therefore, said that she should never be compared to Zari as she’s natural unlike the South African-based socialite.

“I really don’t have time for such fake people because I have never slept with anyone to acquire my wealth. I have worked for everything that I own and didn’t inherit from anyone.

Why would I even compare myself to a school dropout? I have two degrees a Masters and PhD. I’m a 40-year-old married woman with 4 kids. I have also never bleached or undergone surgery in order to look good. I’m just natural, so I really don’t have time for her,” said Ritah.

It should be noted that the socialite who hasn’t been to the country for a couple of years jetted back this week. And as soon as she touched down at Entebbe Airport, she took a number of pictures with her fans.

These were uploaded on social media but many people were disappointed with her appearance.

The Ritah they saw in the pictures is not the one they have been following on social media.

Ritah’s nemesis, Bad Black was quick to repost the photos whilst making fun of her body appearance. The ex-convict wondered how someone can live in the UK for 20 years and still look so bad.

Bad Black’s newly found friend Zari, joined in the mix of mocking Ritah. The socialite said that no hater can ever be better than the person they hate.

She added that Ritah all looks like a ‘namamonde‘ and an ‘elephant.’ Zari then said that she hopes Ritah heals from the bitterness she’s engulfed in.

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