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” I Have Warned You But You Can’t Listen” Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba Threatens General Kayumba

” I Have Warned You But You Can’t Listen” Museveni’s Son Threatens General Kayumba

Museveni’s son Muhoozi Kainerugaba has sent a chilling threat to General Kayumba of
Rwanda warning of terrible consequences if he doesn’t stop provoking Uganda. Kainerugaba is clear he will deal with Kayumba personally for he will not hesitate to deal with anybody who disturbs the peace of Uganda.

Kainerugaba is clear as we move into the future, he will personally deal with General Kayumba and teach him a Painful lesson for not heeding to his warnings. He is clear, he will
not allow anybody to joke or mess around with Uganda especially from outside.

Kainerugaba has been at the forefront warning anybody who happens to mess around with the peace of Uganda of dire consequences especially the Turkana, Karamojong and now
Rwanda general. He has remained clear of his agenda and plan standing firm for what he
believes in without fear majorly the peace of Uganda.

Kainerugaba is clear he has made peace with President Paul Kagane but General Kayumba is busy trying to interfere with Uganda. He is clear if he happened to retaliate, he will do it
firmly and it will have dire consequences to General Kayumba for Uganda must be protected from his threats.

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