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I may be old but Shakib won’t let go – Zari

Socialite Zarinah Hassan, commonly known as Zari delivered another searing speech targeting her critics who are questioning why Shakib Lutaaya, 30, would date her. According to the South African-based socialite, most of her critics are being used by married men but they have the audacity to question her dating life.

“Stop talking about people. Some of you girls are cheating with married men and they are using you like condoms. After using a condom, a man just throws it in a dustbin; that’s how some of you are,” she said in a video seen by this reporter.

“You like ridiculing people, but they (men) are using you like condoms. He uses you and goes back to his wife. To know that he disrespects you, he goes back home and posts on his Instagram, happy family, and you hurt internally. You start stalking his wife, saying she is ugly but that’s what he wants,” Zari went on.

he is very old but that’s what Shakib wants. He won’t let go. You are being used like condoms.”

Zari, who in August announced that she plans to get married to Lutaaya and have kids with him, has said her boyfriend is lucky to have him.

The mother of five children also told her haters that despite having been in multiple relationships, she never cheats on a man she’s dating.

“Have you realised that I have never been caught in a scandal for cheating with a married man? There is no one who doesn’t want to go out and have a good time with her husband without worrying about who is photographing them. I stick to one man whom I show everyone. I don’t lust… I will be with one man and show him to everyone wherever I go,” she said.

The businesswoman, who said she hates drama, said that instead of cheating on a man, she just moves on to another one.

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