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I Regret Being Born By A Muganda Woman – City Model Doreen Kabareebe

City top model, Doreen Kabareebe, has bred widespread controversy on social media after her remarks which were deemed tribalistic.

Taking to her Facebook page, Kabarebe said that she regrets being born to a Muganda woman. This is after they asked her one thing that she regrets in her life.

Without hesitation or thought of what her post would cause, Kabareebe said that the fact that a Muganda woman gave birth to her hurts her so much. Day and night she asks herself why her mother had to be a Muganda.

Shockingly, her mother knows she regrets this natural fact.

“Someone asked me what I regret in life. Well, I regret the fact that my mother who gave birth to me is a Muganda. Honestly, it hurts me day and night and she knows it,” Kabareebe posted.

Soon as this post surfaced, lots of criticism started pouring in for the socialite and model. She didn’t back down as she warned all her sisters that whoever gets married to a Muganda shouldn’t call her for the wedding.

“I told all my sisters that whoever gets married to a Muganda shouldn’t call me for the wedding,” she added.

Not much is known about Kabareebe’s mother. She’s however the daughter of ex-Rwampara Member of Parliament, Amon Muzoora who recently passed away. She also said that whoever takes things they read off social media seriously, it’s their problem and not hers.

However, it’s not clear what triggered Doreen Kabareebe to post such controversial statements.

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