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 I Want Young Energetic Man , Halima Namakula In Love Again

Singer Halima Namakula looks like she’s set to dive into the dating world once again. She revealed this during an interview she had with local TV, BTM TV. And although she’s ready to start dating once again, she won’t tolerate whatever comes her way.

She’s set her standard and a young energetic man is one of her top priorities.

We can all guess why the 62-year-old singer is more interested in that quality. The Kimbewo singer says that this energetic young man is to help her with some physical tasks.

She also added that this man should be financially stable because she won’t fund the relationship.

Halima says that she’s doing this because of the numerous requests from her fans and kids. She, therefore, tasked these ones to find her a suitable and ideal partner.

“The kids are all crying and pleading. They wonder why mama walks with no one holding her hand. Why she goes to the restaurant alone. And why I go to functions without anyone walking behind me. So I tasked them to look for me that partner.”

“The ideal man I want should be financially stable and I don’t mind about their skin color. But he should still be energetic such that when I’m going to fall, he’s there to hold me. But I want to emphasize that he should be having money because I don’t give out money to men,” she revealed.

The singer’s husband passed away in 1991 and she says that she concentrated on raising her children.

She sometime ago revealed that she didn’t want to date because she didn’t want anyone stepping in her late husband’s shoes.

Well there you have it, if you feel you have all the qualities, the application door is open for you.

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