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I Won’t Stop Sharing My Story – Daniella Atim Reassures

Jose Chameleone’s wife Daniella Atim has vowed to keep sharing the story and all her experiences regardless of who wants to hear it.

On Thursday, Daniella revealed the struggle she went through with her in-laws while making a decision on the preferences of the sex of her children.

She noted that Chameleone’s family and her in-laws demanded their firstborn to be a boy since a boy child sealed a man’s status in society.

Daniella, after months of prayer, fasting, and tithe gave birth to Abba, and later another son, and then the in-laws wanted a girl child.

Go out and tell your truth to accelerate your triumph over your past. And if your family or anyone doesn’t like it, let them deal with their insecurities.” – Daniella Atim

She, however, was not willing to be tossed around and developed a tough skin to stand by her own decisions and preferences without listening to her in-laws.

This caused a rift between her and the husband’s paternal family to a point that she even had to stop her kids from visiting their grandparents without her.

“I immediately stopped my kids from visiting their paternal grandparents if I was not in their company. I did not want my kids getting certain ideas in their heads,” she wrote.

Her revelations seemed to rub Chameleone’s elder brother Humphrey Mayanja the wrong way and through a Facebook post, he wrote, “Just askingdoes a person who grew up in an orphanage have a right to talk about another person’s mother?”

Humphrey’s statements seemed to be directed toward Daniella who was raised by her foster father, the late father John Scalabrini.

Despite taking the post down later, Humphrey has been hugely criticized for his remarks that were found rather insensitive and irrelevant.

In a new IG post sent out by Daniella, she reveals that she will never stop speaking the truth about her life regardless of if her family likes it or not.

She noted that whatever she is sharing is from her personal experience and if whoever she is talking about did not want it to be talked about, they should have treated her better.

“Go out and tell your truth to accelerate your triumph over your past. And if your family or anyone doesn’t like it, let them deal with their insecurities. You ‘re sharing your life as you experienced it and if people wanted to be talked about any better they should have treated you right.

You’ll never be a victim for sharing your story. Instead, you will be a triumphant survivor setting the world on fire with your truth and your courage. You never know who needed your light, who needed to see your candle in order to light theirs, or who needed your story as a manual for their own escape.

Granted, you must first heal enough before you tell your story to the world, it takes energy to climb onto stage to talk to people so make sure you are not still bleeding emotionally as you go up. Heal to a degree that you can talk without caring who lashes back at you for apparently ‘exposing them’.”-  Daniella Atim

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