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If you want to open her waterfall, use your fingers well

Boys believe that squirting is a woman’s business. Men know that it takes two to tangle. It is your responsibility as a man to make your woman squirt.

Squirting is an art. It is on the extreme side of letting go of your woman. Squirting means she has let go of everything in her mind, and you live there rent-free.

It is up to you to make her yours. When she lays bare naked in front of you, it is up to you to take her places she has never been. She has all this water inside her. If you want to go for a swim, it is up to you to make sure the water flows.

Take slow but sure steps! Every time you rush through something, you spoil it. Slow but sure is the only way to go. After all, to give a woman such pleasure is why God gave you all the necessary tools.

Learn to prepare for sex. Unless it is a quickie, you must learn to prepare. Organize a relaxing atmosphere. Let it be intentional.

Candles, music, wine or whatever makes her relax to the fullest. She is your woman, and you should know certain things about her.

For a woman to relax completely, she should be able to trust you and the area code fully. Anything that makes her think or feel unsafe throws her squirting out of the window.

A man’s hands are the most vital tools in the squirting process. Your woman must be able to feel every touch in the most gentle way. Make sure your hands are clean.

Wash the fish smell off. Wash other women off your hands and prepare for just her.

By all means, make sure you trim your nails. Those nails that look like you work in a sewage plant will not help your woman squirt. They will dry her up because all she is thinking about is how hygiene is a distant memory to you.

Learn to excite your woman well. The squirting excitement is not about throwing money at her. It is about making her body feel like it belongs there with you in that moment.

Massage her in the most erotic way you can think about. If you have to learn about Nuru massages, learn. Touch her as if she completely belongs to you.

Put your woman on the bed, spread her legs and know that that is the promised land you are about to deal with.

Study and enter her choockie with a clean index finger. This has to be done slowly and with skill. Feel for her G-spot, a rough bump when you are in there.

Slightly bend your finger make upward and downward movements. Depending on how tight your woman is, it could take one or two fingers. Just don’t bruise her.

Stimulate the point until the girl reaches her peak. Don’t ask how a woman reaches her peak. You will know. The moaning, her breathing, the erotic movements will all tell you as much. The beast in her will arise.

At that point, let your machine gun out and stroke away. Eventually, there will be no need for the fingers when you have fully mastered this process.

Your machine-gun will learn its way around her inner and outer G-spot, and every time she thinks about sex, it will be your name on her mind and clit.

Till next time, make her squirt for you!

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