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I’ll attack your dad, if you don’t chill my dad – Allan Hendrik to King Saha

Singer Allan Hendrik Ssali said he will release some “dirty things” about King Saha’s father if Saha doesn’t stop attacking his own father, Bebe Cool.
“I have done my research and discovered some dirty things about his father. I’ll go personal if he refuses to chill my dad. He keeps attacking him despite of ignoring him,” Hendrik said, with the seriousness of a heart attack.

Allan Hendrik Ssali, also known as Papper Daddy, has so far released two songs “dissing” King Saha.
One is called “Matayo” and the other is “Story ya Semanda”. Both songs were calculated to reduce Saha to a parody of who he is and make him look like a half-man in comparison to Ssali’s father Bebe Cool, real name Moses Ssali.

This whole saga between young Ssali and Saha started when Bebe let it be known that King Saha is a drug addict, addicted to marijuana, and thus cannot be trusted with the office of the presidency of Uganda Musicians’ Association, a position Saha is vying for against Cindy Sanyu.
This comment infuriated Saha and thereby touched off a war which started with Saha releasing the song “Zakayo”. This song trivialised Bebe’s high standing in the music industry.

Its title seems to have been borrowed from the 54-year-old male chimpanzee popularly known as Zakayo, who lived at Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (UWEC) in Entebbe for 42 years and died in 2018.
Zakayo was Uganda’s oldest chimp.

Before he died, Zakayo retired as Alpha male. This implies Saha probably views Bebe as an old artist who must retire, like Zakayo, to give way to young artists like himself.
This song reportedly left Bebe Cool furious, but instead of going after Saha himself, he reportedly sent his son.

This move is reminiscent of what Tupac Shakur said on the diss track “Hit ‘em Up” when he rapped, “I don’t even know why I’m on this track. Y’all niggas ain’t even on my level” when dissing Notorious BIG and the record label Bad Boy.

He then sent the rap group he was mentoring called “The Outlaws” to go after Bad Boy and Notorious on the “Hit ’em Up” track as he stepped back.
Bebe Cool is clearly using the same tactic against King Saha.

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