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I’m Not Impotent – Blogger Isma Olaxess

For a long time, rumor has always had it that blogger Isma Olaxess is an impotent man. However while appearing on Spark TV’s 21 questions segment on the Livewire program, the blogger denied this. He said that doctors did a fertility test on him and determined that he can’t have kids through intercourse. This is the reason he’s not married and neither is he looking forward to marriage.

Furthermore, Isma said that he can however have children although its a costly method.

“I’m not married and it’s not something I’m planning to do for now. Doctors from Sweden did a fertility test on me and told me that I can’t have children. However, I can to have them through other methods which are costly,” Isma said.

The rumors started after the blogger in his early 50’s said that he doesn’t have children. This is despite having a middle income status and can look after a family.

According to Isma, he’s a believer in science. This is the reason he hasn’t tried much after he was told this. He only needs Shs 25m so that they can do artificial insemination for him to get kids.

The blogger also addressed the reason he left Sweden back to Uganda. According to Isma, even after becoming a citizen there, he wasn’t allowed to do his hobby which is borrowing.

He decided to come back to Uganda so that he can borrow as much money as he wants. The blogger also said that his biggest fear while blogging is being caught red handed and shamed.

For a blogger, bragging is their biggest asset, and once they are arrested and shamed, they almost lose everything.

Isma also said that his biggest fear is Bobi Wine becoming president. He therefore doesn’t want the NUP president to be one.

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