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iPhone 14 Price Just Leaked, and We’re Shocked

Good news for once?! We have a “credible” report from the Korean blog site Naver, where an account named “yuex1122” has spilled some beans regarding the starting price of the base iPhone 14 – $799 babyyyyyy.

This would be a huge play by Apple, to keep the iPhone 14 base price the same as the iPhone 13. This same $799 price tag was also a carryover from iPhone 12, so it’s fair to say we should expect this; however, given the current economic climate this decision will undoubtedly turn heads.

The account elaborates further on how the decision was made (note I’ve made slight grammatical changes due to the text being translated from Korean):

“Despite the recent price increase and supply chain instability, Apple has decided to freeze the launch price of the iPhone 14 base model through a decision at the top executive level. Considering the global mobile phone market stagnation and demand decline, the key to increasing users’ purchasing desire is the entry price, so the price of the basic model is frozen despite some price increase factors.”

yuex1122 on Naver

This decision isn’t too farfetched! We’ve seen a lot of reports coming out the iPhone 14 base model will have the same A15 chip as the iPhone 13, so realistically the price staying the same makes sense to a degree. The iPhone 14 will have a handful of improvements over the previous model, but it might not make the most sense to jump the price up at the cost of sales numbers.

Now this account, yuex1122, boasts their own accuracy rating as over 90%… that’s quite generous. We’ve seen some accurate reports and some not so accurate ones, soooo giving themselves 90% accuracy is like saying I’m basically 6 foot tall, while I stand 5 foot 9 inches…. so yeah. Grain of salt, people.

You know what though, let’s just take some good news for once, right? This isn’t report on delays, or iPhones blowing up or anything like that so hey – positive vibes.

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