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“It is Duty for Women to clean their men after chewing them”- Diana Nabatanzi

TV presenter and movie actress Diana Nabatanzi has come out saying that it is ladies  responsibility to clean their men after making love with them.

The ” Kasukaali” presenter on BBSTV, she claimed when you see your man weak after bedroom game find way to held him to avoid a bad experience in the morning.

That some men after getting used to be cleaned by their women they never take the initiative to help themselves .

“Even if you haven’t made it a habit to clean him but you know that after having sex he doesn’t clean himself, it’s your responsibility to clean him because in the morning he will wake up to have sex with you because of morning glory,” she said

“Organize your person… And some don’t care/mind whether they slept with bad odor, and he wakes up to smooch you.”she added.

She further advised women who sleep naked and wake up with a bad odor to clean themselves up because their men might want to go down on them in morning.

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