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‘John Blaq broke my heart despite abandoning my friends to be with him’ – Vanessa

Vannessa Vanny has said she sacrificed a lot to be in a relationship with singer John Blaq, real name John Kasadha, but that didn’t stop him from cheating on her.
“I dated John, but what hurts me most,… all my family members and friends didn’t like John… even my besties didn’t like him. But I gave them no choice but to like him… but when I caught him with that girl yet he was lying about it, that’s what annoyed me most,” Vanessa said while speaking to Bukedde TV without mentioning the girl’s name.

“He showed me that he found her at Radio 4 and they took pictures and the girl asked him to share his number so she could send photos, and then the chic started seducing him… If he is the one putting in the effort, block her,… and all the time he was claiming he has no interest in her, but when I caught them, it broke my heart… he is always saying bad things about me to his friends, but when he calls me, he acts like he is a good person,” she went on.

Vanessa learnt from that experience that when you meet a new person, don’t let them make you lose your old friends.
Meanwhile, Vanessa said she wouldn’t reignite her romance with John Blaq.
“I condemn men who lie to girls,… and mislead them… it’s not good… we are losing a lot… My message to John is… don’t look for me, don’t call me… you know I know a lot about you, in and out. Everything is on my phone. Unless you send thieves and they steal it if you are smart,… stop spreading rumors about me,” she said.
Vanessa has also dated Ziza Bafana and businessman Emmanuel Lwasa.

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