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Kakwenza Turns Whopper Terrorist, Impregnates Bobi Wine’s Ex PR

Novelist Kakwenza Rukirabashaija is a sharpshooter. He has recently been in the news for impregnating different women and abandoning them.

The latest on the list of the women carrying his baby is Anne Whitehead, who formerly worked as Bobi Wine’s PR.

According to Stella Nyanzi, Whitehead is a few months pregnant, although she is not on good terms with Kakwenza.

She says Whitehead is obsessed with Kakwenza and would want to have him to herself.

“Anne Whitehead got pregnant with exiled Kakwenza’s child after I told her that he is still married to his wife who is raising his children in Uganda. She wants monogamy with a married polyamorous man suffering from severe PTSD,” Nyanzi shared the news.

The revelation has caused divided opinions on social media. Many online in-laws have asked all parties involved to keep their drama in-house.

It should be noted that Kakwenza is legally married to Eva Basiima, and they share two children.


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