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Kataleya And Kandle Address Their Indecent Dressing Code

There is no absolute doubt about the talent, beauty and hotness of all-girl singing duo of Kataleya and Kandle. The two seem to have a good music career ahead of them. However, their dressing code is a thing that has always left people in murmur. The duo decided to address this situation once and for all.

This is after a photo of them showing all their private contours surfaced online leaving nothing to the imagination. Lots of people came out to condemn the direction the duo was taking.

The two besides their questionable dressing have been getting naughty, wild, and raunchy with male fans while performing.

The two have become popular with pulling out male fans from the audience, dubbing them till they gasp for breath.

As much as this drives the fans crazy, it’s been condemned as it encourages sexual harassment. The two however said that they are yet to be sexually harassed.

“It wasn’t us who took the infamous picture. We were in the gym and decided to shoot a Tiktok video and you know you can’t put on dresses while in the gym. So someone might have liked the video, paused it at some interval and took a screenshot of us which made the photo viral.

We want to tell such people to always push the good news about us too the way they spread that picture. And we don’t dress inappropriately, it’s just our line of work and we are role models to many young people out there,” the duo said.

They also revealed that they want to reward three of their fans with 100 USD. The “Do Me” singers called upon their fans to take to a challenge of their new song ‘Miwula.’ They will reward the most funniest, most viewed and most loved video from their fans.

Kataleya and Kandle broke onto the music scene late last year but are already turning tables. They might have studied the market and learnt that to maneuver the industry, it’s talent combined with sexuality.

It’s a huge characteristic of their music as seen in their videos and social media pages.

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