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Kataleya & Kandle Reveal Secrets To Their Unbreakable Bond

Not long ago, Hellen Lukoma cast doubt on the survival of girl groups in Uganda. She believes they can not last long.

Although she didn’t mention names, many interpreted her statement as a jibe at Kataleya and Kandle.

The duo says they learned from the failures of previous groups, and they are determined to stay together.

“We were friends before singing, so we have gone past some stages. There is nothing we do that shocks any of us. We know what each one of us is capable of. Our bond has matured over time,” the duo explains.

“We are also prayerful, and this helps us receive guidance and blessings from God,” they add.

They started their career in 2018, and they have since released songs such as Do Me, Tonafuya, and Muzibe wa love among others.

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