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Katikkiro Mayiga calls upon artists to handle themselves with respect

The Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga has urged Ugandan artists to respect themselves and their jobs. He made the comments after meeting with the singer, Spice Diana.

Mayinga is one of the few prominent people that have genuinely supported the art industry by attending their shows for years. He says he has reasons as to why he attends shows, and one of them is to see how they conduct themselves.

The Katikkiro revealed that Ugandan artists still have a problem of disrespect, and that should be worked on because every piece of art develops because of good behavior.

“I urge all musicians to respect themselves and respect their jobs. I have been to different shows and I know how they conduct themselves. Art has a lot of money in it and it’s a job, so I want artists to handle themselves with respect,” Mayiga said.

He further added that he loves and supports local artists and he is doing this to see that they also prosper.

“This is because singing is a job like any other job,” he said.

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