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Kato Lubwama diagnosed with cancer, in critical condition

Kato Lubwama diagnosed with cancer, in critical condition
F ormer Lubaga South Member of Parliament Kato Lubwama was rushed to a hospital in Turkey in a very sorry health state and she has been hospitalized for over two weeks.

According to reports, the former CBS FM presenter was admitted to the hospital after being diagnosed with cancer. The doctors in Turkey suggested surgery.
Unfortunately, during the operation, his heart got complications and he was inducted into a coma hence being rushed to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
However, the caretaker has now appeared in a video clip speaking to Kato Lubwama’s relatives informing them that his situation got worse days ago after he was discharged from ICU.

“When the situation got worse, he was returned to ICU, all we can do now is pray to God to be with him but he is in a bad situation,” The caretaker said painfully.
In the video, Lubwama can be seen lying on a hospital bed looking so ill.

Watch the video below:

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