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Keep Your Childhood Trauma To Yourself – Cindy Tells Sheebah

Dancehall female singer Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy has advised her nemesis, Sheebah Karungi, to keep her childhood trauma to herself. This followed Sheebah’s rant about Minister Sarah Opendi’s comments about the indecent dressing of some musicians while performing for minors in schools. The Minister said that this was wrong and should stop immediately.

Sheebah however wasn’t happy about these comments since she’s the one that was pointed out in this saga. The self-styled queen karma said that parents should stop giving her parental responsibilities.

These should groom and impart morals they want in their children.
Furthermore, Sheebah said that no one was there to guide and support her as she grew up. She wondered where those people that are ordering her to dress decently were when she was suffering on the streets. The Nakyuka singer vowed not to change anything about her. This is because she’s self-made.

However, according to Cindy, people really don’t want to know your past. So, when they come to a show, they come for a service. It’s not what you did to reach where you are that they want. This means artists should know the audience they are entertaining and dress accordingly.

“People don’t really care about who you are and where you have passed to get where you are. I would therefore advise her to keep her childhood trauma to herself. I appreciate the Minister for coming out to openly condemn indecent dressing when performing in schools or for minors. As a woman and a mother, you ought to know that these children are not yet ready for what you’re feeding to them,” said Cindy.

The Ayokyayokya singer who is categorized as one of the most indecent artists said that she doesn’t do it for kids. She rather dresses so while performing in bars and places for adults.
Therefore if the images captured from there are shown to kids, then it’s really not her problem.

It should be recalled that the singer a few months ago came under fire over the inappropriate dress code. This is after she went to a wedding party dressed in bikers and rugged jackets.
However, since she’s sworn enemies with Sheebah, it was an opportunity to preach drinking water despite her taking wine. Cindy also added that nobody can stop her from talking as it’s her right.

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