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Kyagulanyi should tell his supporters not to insult people – Mao

The Democratic Party person has come out and asked the National Unity Platform leader to talk to his supporters and stop them from insulting people.

While appearing on one of the TV stations in Kampala, Mao, who says he is ‘cleaning the opposition’ says everyone is free to express his or her opinion.

“I would have expected Hon. Kyagulanyi to tell his supporters not to insult people. Everybody has their rights,” he said.

Mao adds that most of the opposition leaders in the country behave like Pontius Pilate. However, he adds that he is willing to meet Hon Kyagulanyi.

“I am willing to meet NUP leaders, including Hon. Kyagulanyi, but they don’t want to talk. They want to destroy Mao,” he added.

Mao also claims that bullies are not only in the ruling party but also in opposition.

“Bullies and dictators are not in the ruling party alone. They are also in the opposition. People shouldn’t lose sight of the larger picture that all through my life, I have resisted domination,” Mao says.

Nobert Mao vowed to take on NUP for two years until social media is sanitized.

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