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London-based boyfriend purchases Benz for TV presenter, Haulah HK, stings Martha Kay over ‘Range Rover’ stunt

Bukedde TV presenter, Haulah Nakiryowa a.k.a Haulah HK, is in buoyant mood after upgrading from Footsubishi to Germany-made machine, thanks to her loaded boyfriend.

The stunning Ekyenkya Kya Weekend presenter celebrated her birthday with friends at the Kampala Serena Hotel this week on Monday, but it wasn’t only about cutting the BD cake.

The flashy birthday party was invite-only, with only six of her tight friends in attendance, according to our trusted sources.

Security was tight.

Birthday gal, Haulah HK grabbed the mic to share a word or two with her pals. In her brief speech, the 24-year-old media personality lavished praise on her friends who graced the glamorous party, her parents and her boyfriend, who gave her a  Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 and “other gifts.”

She refused to divulge what the “other gifts” were or her boyfriend’s name for fear of him being snatched by Kampala girls.

Vivibly excited, Haulah express gratitude to her loaded and generous boyfriend, who apparently stays in London, for the great love, care and affection.

The girl squad served dinner, cut cake, before later unveiling their ‘bestie’ Haulah’s Benz.

Hitting at comedienne Martha Kay who ‘bought’ a Range Rover, only for it to disappear and reappear in a matter of days, Haulah said: “I am not the kind of girl who will show off this brand car, then after some days ,it disappears like other socialites who want publicity.”

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