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Look For Sponsor If You Can’t Make Your Own Money – Sheilah Gashumba To Women

city socialite Sheilah Gashumba has advised all women out there to start looking for ‘SPONSORS’ if they can’t make their own money.

The NBS After 5 presenter said that with all these concerts and parties coming up, women should be able to attend them.

And if they are unable to make their own money to fund these lifestyles, they should then look for sponsors to do the needful for them. For the men who can’t afford these women, they should just rest in peace because women are high class to maintain.

“Yooo, with all these events and parties in Uganda, if you ain’t making your own money that can fund the lifestyle, I suggest you start looking for a SPONSOR because all these events need a lot of money.. Women are high maintenance,” she tweeted.

Well to simplify the message, she meant that ladies should get sugar daddies to fund their lifestyles. Or rich men who can be able to give them money for partying.

A “sponsor” is simply one way to sugarcoat the name sugar daddy. And of course, you know what happens in such arrangements. It’s a give-and-take kind of relationship. In a nutshell, these ladies are simply disguised s3x workers.

Her followers were quick to bash her through the comment section.

“Some women are self-made Boss Ladies who don’t want anyone’s maintenance except equity, love, respect and loyalty,” one user said.

“The way prostitution is being modernized in Uganda…. ,” another hit the point.

“Instead of encouraging women to work hard/harder.. u are promotingparasitism,” another said.

“No. Let’s put this straight. Prostitutes who are looking for free money and material things and call themselves celebrities, are high maintenance. That’s why they hang around events and parties and think that is all life has to offer.”

Her followers generally were not surprised by her submission because this is what her career has revolved around. She’s dated and been rumored to be dating a string of high-profile men and some celebrity wannabes.

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