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Lynda Ddane Fuming After Her Instagram Account Being Hacked

Early on Thursday morning, NTV Uganda presenter Lynda Ddane sent out a tweet in which she seemed to suggest that her Instagram account had been hacked.
To a tweet with fuming, angry, and crying emojis, Lynda Ddane added another in which she said, “If you are to go through all the trouble to hack into someone’s account at least post something interesting.”

We quickly ran to check out which of her pages had been hacked and to see what sort of content had left her displeased.
Indeed, something on her Instagram seemed off. A video with the caption “You have been hacked” had been posted.

It took no time before her followers on Twitter began to question how their celebrity’s account had been hacked and what solutions she would have to take to retrieve it.
“But Lynda Ddane why didn’t you turn on the two-factor authentication function? But anyway I hope you recover your IG account,” said Azawi’s manager Robert Mugerwa.
Others wondered who could have done such a thing to her and whether she has been running battles with anyone recently.

A couple of memes were also sent out as efforts to recover the account with 369,000 followers kicked off.
Lynda is not the only celebrity that has had their accounts hacked this year. The likes of Abryanz, Maurice Kirya, Lydia Jazmine, Juliana Kanyomozi, among others have also been down the same road.
We hope she recovers her account because as a celebrity and influencer, she needs it back!


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