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Because of her essentiality in the management of the Buganda question and the strengthening of bridges between the Kabaka and State House, Minister Joyce Nabossa Sebugwawo is one leader who Gen Museveni rings very often.

But the H.E. was recently shocked when he rang to check on her and the elderly Minister responded “I’m not well at all,” on being asked how she was. “I’m here in Dubai but my health isn’t good at all. I came for official work but I have ended up spending much of the time medicating and confined to my hotel room,” explained Sebugwawo (the state Minister for ICT) who had traveled to UAE for the Dubai Expo 2020.

Sources say that a concerned Gen Museveni wished the Buganda Kingdom diehard well and assured her of full support. He advised that she scales down on participation in the Expo-related activities and take adequate bed rest to allow the medication to work just like her doctors had advised.

The veteran leader from Rwakitura demanded to know what else Owek Sebugwawo wanted him to urgently do for her apart from taking care of the hospital bills. “I would wish to have some of my children come over to be with me,” she said, a request Gen Museveni instantly granted.

The handlers of Mzee’s classified expenditure in State House were instructed to get down to work. They immediately linked up with Sebugwawo’s family and provided all the facilitation the designated children required to travel to Dubai to join their mother and render her the company and all the support she needed.

They indeed traveled and are the ones taking care of the veteran politician whose complex ailment has continued to cripple the functionality of her spinal code and the rest of the bones. Her legs often get swollen, fragile, painful and too weak to enable her walk or even stand unsupported. Gen Muhoozi has advised that as she rests in Dubai for an indefinite period (for as long as it takes for her to get better), Sebugwawo undergoes comprehensive medical examination to establish the extent of her sickness and the exact underlying condition which her spinal code and the rest of the bones’ complications symbolize.

“It could be a symptom of some of other underlying condition which we can’t risk allowing to advance without being properly diagnosed,” sources quoted Museveni as explaining as he persuaded Sebugwawo (who has always lived under fear of being harmed) to agree to remain abroad as opposed to rushing to return home.

Indeed as advised and enabled by Gen Museveni , Sebugwawo remained in UAE as her fellow Minister Godfrey Kabyanga the rest of the Ugandan delegation back home over the weekend upon conclusion of the Dubai Expo. Indeed, staff in her office at the ICT Ministry (led by PA Henry Lutwama , a one Namakula and others) have continued to be anxiety-stricken unable to tell how soon their boss is likely to get well and be cleared back to work.

This website has also established that Sebugwawo has always been very cautious not to be harmed to the extent that, on joining the ICT Ministry, she took weeks before accepting to work with the technical staff she found there. “She always suspected those mainstream Ministry technical employees might be spies out to harm her and she insisted on working with only the low-profile PAs she had for long worked with since her days as Rubaga Mayor,” says a source.

It’s also true that Sebugwawo has for some time been contending with ill health relating to the spinal code and the rest of the bones system. “Her joints can be so painful and swollen to the extent of having to be carried like a totally crippled person.”

But other sources say even when a very supportive Gen Museveni has continued to ensure that Owek Sebugwawo lives a stress-free life, the elderly Minister has lately been enduring plenty of Mango-related stress specifically having to do with the Mailo land-scrapping proposals which both Gen Museveni and his State Minister for Lands Dr. Sam Mayanja have been propagating while amplifying hostilities against Buganda Land Board, an institution the ICT Minister considers to be infallible.

“She recently got so angry on reading Mayanja’s remarks against Mengo and the Kabaka calling them land grabbers and she wanted to call a news conference and give her views bashing both Museveni and Mayanja but some of the family members and old friends she consulted advised her against it as something that could embarrass the President and complicate her continued stay in Cabinet,” says an intelligence source who has keenly been following Sebugwawo’s activities since joining Cabinet.

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