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Makerere University Teargas Canister Victim Goes Missing from Mulago Hospital

Makerere University Teargas Canister Victim Goes Missing from Mulago Hospital
Richard Ssebuganda, a Makerere university student who was injured by a teargas canister has reportedly escaped from Mulago hospital where he had been getting medication.

Ssebuganda Richard escaped from Mulago on the night that birthed the morning of Thursday 10th March.

Richard posted on his WhatsApp status that ‘death ain’t suffering’ after successfully bypassing security and finding his way out of the hospital.
According to a close source, Richard seemed a bit furious and protested against medical advice from the doctors who said were only helping him and could even take an extra step of taking him to Kirudu as opposed to being at Mulago.

One of Ricahrd’s wardmates (identity withheld) told the Bee that Richard escaped from the hospital early in the morning.

“He ran away early morning. They are looking for him. Everyone is looking for him even the parents,” he said.

Attempts to talk to the Doctors were futile as they were in the theatre room leaving the plastic surgery staff ward empty.

Richard Ssebuganda had earlier made a saddening WhatsApp status of how he wished to be dead, and also complained of the endless surgeries he was undergoing.

Richard was injured by a teargas canister on 8th February 2022 which was allegedly shot into his room as police tried to calm the Makerere student protest against the institution’s blended system of learning.

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