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Male students line up to get hugs from sexy MUK Guild president Nambassa at football game

Makerere University’s 87th guild president Shamim Nambassa, excited male students yesterday as she played in the men’s soccer team making many crave her hug.
This is according to facts made public by the popular University website, Campus Bee.
Shamim had shown face at a football match organized by the 87th MUK guild between GRCs and cabinet in which Shamim played as a sharp number 9 for the latter.

Shamim sweated it out for the first half to wild cheers from the male fans who lined up to hug off her sweat right after the half.
The cabinet side, for which Shamim Nambassa played, proved to be mightier both in politics and sport as it emerged victorious after defeating the GRC side with 3 goals scored into their net as opposed to zero from the GRCs.

The 87th guild house seems to have switched to the smooth end of their political tenure with the football game coming only days after their return from the Tanzania trip.
Shamim announced herself onto the political scene after winning a landslide 87th Guild election with her signature catchphrase, “vaccinating the junta”.
The sexy president’s combined talents of beauty, brains, and bravery have seen her take the Ivory Tower by storm.

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