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Mama Fina urges women to bewitch cheating husbands if they want to control them

During the commemoration of International Women’s Day, which is celebrated annually on March 8, the leader of traditional healers in Uganda, Sophia Namutebi, also known as Mama Fina, urged troubled Ugandan women to bewitch their cheating and violent husbands if they want to control them.

While speaking in an interview on a local TV, Mama Fina asked women who are married to cheating spouses to bewitch them so that they stop seeing other women.

According to Mama Fina, the only way a woman can control or tame a Ugandan man is by bewitching him.

“These days, husbands have become animals, you can’t know what they really are unless you bewitch them. So women bewitch men. Bewitch those men if you want to control them, because they don’t know what they want, so bewitch them,” Mama Fina urged.

Mama Fina further advised all women out there to get into relationships when they are ready and with people they know.

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