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“I am working with NRM, not the ‘hypocritical’ opposition” – Mao

The president general of the Democratic Party, Norbert Mao has defended his criticism of NUP and FDC saying they betrayed him.

Speaking to party leaders in Mbale, Mao said he is now working with the NRM to actualise DP’s objective of taking power.

Mao said he had embarked on a country-wide tour to rebuild party structures.

He expressed frustration with the opposition alliances which in his view have worked against DP.

“FDC and NUP have been telling us that we are the same but they have chopped all our leaders allover so why pretend anymore,” Mao said.

Mao revealed terms under which DP can unite with the opposition.

“If NUP and other parties are serious they should come to the round table and we agree on the goal. Then we shall next agree on what role each of us is playing. That is how DP got into trouble in 1986 without agreeing,” Mao said.

In the meantime, Mao said he is working harmoniously with the NRM because “it can help them win power.”

His cooperation with NRM, he said, has already bore fruits because the ruling party has agreed to back DP’s Gerald Siranda for the EALA MP seat.

Ever since dozens of party leaders crossed from DP to NUP, Mao has been bitter with the Kamwokya headquartered party.

Over the past weeks, he has attacked NUP and FDC leaders left, right and centre, leading some people to wonder what befell him.Mao

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