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Martha Kay unhappy with her bum, considers it as a danger to herself

In today’s world, women with bigger hindquarters seem to find more favor among male counterparts, as bums have recently become the stuff of legend.

Comedian and content creator Martha Kay shocked fans over the weekend when she regarded her sitting facilities as a setback.

Martha Kay made these revelations while speaking to satisfashionug, a fashion blog for her exclusive interview.

“If there was something I could change about myself, it would be my bum. When I walk into a room and have something sensible to say, someone will make a comment about it instead. I wish they knew that I have so much more to offer, “she revealed.

The actress and entertainer said her butt takes so much attention from her and often renders whatever she has to say irrelevant.

“I know so many people that would want a bigger bum and all that. But it is kind of a setback when it is all people think you are good for,” she said.

True to Martha Kay’s word, she has over the ages proved to be much more than her gorgeous aesthetics as she boasts of having graduated with a First-class degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Uganda Christian University and boatloads of phenomenal content that she has churned out over the ages.

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