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‘MC Kats is a good father to my daughter,’ says Fille Mutoni

According to Mutoni, the couple is doing their best to raise their daughter, Abigail Farica Bwiza Kisakye.

“MC Kats is a good father to my daughter,” Fille said Tuesday while speaking to journalists.

“We are on good talking terms. Kats is a responsible and caring man when it comes to his children,” she went on.

“He is a good father to my child. There is no issue when it comes to parenting. We are on good talking terms.”

The development comes after a video emerged Monday showing Kats in a heated argument with his mother-in-law, saying she was denying him custody of his child.

“Give me my child,” Kats tells his mother-in-law in the video.

“I have never asked you to look after my child… I have never and I will never… Even your daughter failed… so give me my child.”

However, Mutoni says she has always made the daughter available whenever Kats wants to talk to her.

“When the child wants to talk to him, she tells me, mummy I want to talk to daddy and I put her on the phone… Even the father comes and takes her out, so our relationship as parents is okay,” she said.

“We are co-parenting so excellently.”

The couple dated for about six years before their split was confirmed in 2019. Kats, who is an events host and TV presenter, was also managing her music business.

Mutoni says that relationship ended but she’ll forever be grateful.

“Musically we are not on good working terms,” she said. “But I will always remember him for introducing me to the industry, so whenever he has advice he offers it.”

In 2021, Mutoni announced her new manager named Maritini, who is the husband to fellow singer Babaritah.

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