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Media personality Fat Boy doubts Martha Kay can afford purchasing Range Rover, triggers Netizens to think comedienne served beans to sponsor

Earlier this week, comedienne Martha Kay left social media in-laws in awe when she unveiled her dream ride, a sparkling white Range Rover.
“Can’t believe you’re here!!!!!!!
Simanyi Nakumanya!
#RangeRoverGirl #newcar #overwhelmed #marthakayug,” she captioned the post on her Instagram page, without revealing whether she used her hard earned money.

Taking to the comment section, her famous followers, notably, Fabiola, Anne Kansiime, Judith Heard, Sheilah Gashumba, Bruno K, Juliana, Spice Diana, Lydia Jazmine and many others congratulated the bummy and bubbly comedienne cum media personality upon elevating her status, from Raum to a British made machine.

Screenshot of famous people who were happy for Martha having acquired her dream ride

However, Media personality James Onen, commonly known as Fat Boy, wasn’t going to have any of that. Clearly, Fat Boy isn’t convinced that Martha Kay has money to splash around on such an expensive ride. Taking to his Facebook page, Fat Boy trashed any suggestions that Martha Kay bought herself a Range Rover through hard work at her known jobs.

According to him, Martha has no financial muscle, given her nature of job, where he believes she earns peanuts.
“Hard Work??? Sorry but there is simply NO WAY that Martha Kay bought that Range Rover with her own money. Stop playing now,” he boldly trashed, triggering a section of his followers to insinuate that Martha Kay must have cooked and served her beans to attain the ride.

“Oyo nawe talina majja, she was eaten to have that car,” Paul Mukwasi commented.
“Gwe wooma buwoomi osilike,” Kalema Shadia insinuated.
“She is juicy and the sponsor had to make her happy,” Hajji Bambino also commented.
Responding to people like Fat Boy, she clapped back, labelling them jealous haters.
“The comments on my previous post, jealousy is really a terrible thing! Be happy for people. Yours will come too. Kisses to everyone sending me love,” she posted.

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