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Meet Dj Zill Bash, King Saha and STV’s Official Dj

First thing you do in the morning is….

check on my phone like on my social media platforms including instagram, whatsapp, twitter and others

Earliest childhood memory….

when i was still young, i used to swing on the front door of our house and one day mummy found mi and it was a movie

First best friend was…?

my first best friend was my sister coz we used to skul together in the same schools and we looked each hence people calling us twins coz of the same height yet she was my elder sister so it created that stiff connection

First job…

the first job i did if am to remember was helping my friend in his internet cafe that was located near our home place where i grew up from.

First salary was…?

my main focus wasn’t on the salary coz i used to enjoy doing the job more especially being on facebook. so, each day he used to give me 2k

What did you use your first salary for?

i used to keep my little salary n it helped me when i was at school as pocket money.

What did you study and where?

i studied bachelor’s in information technology (i t) at team university mengo.

What job do you do?

professionally am a deejay working at stv uganda (stv) and also an official dj to one of the big artists in uganda (king saha)

how many brands have you worked for that are outstanding?

have worked for a number of artists and these include daxx kartell, lydia jazmine, and apparently king saha

Most memorable experience….

my most memorable experience was the day i started working live on air for stv uganda.

What do you dislike about your work?

what i dislike about my job is working with a lazy and uninformed team

What music do you listen to?

i always listen to afro beat being the african genre

Who is your best musician?

most of the artists are my friends

Best advice you have ever received is…?

the best advice i have ever received was given to me by one of the best talent managers in uganda called mr. samuel mukasa ” be patient all that is meant to be yours will reach you without any obstacle ”

ssentamu najib these are my real names

i was born and raised in kampala / makindye division

born in Mulago Hospital

3rd / feb / 1999.

best color is black

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