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Meet the drop-dead gorgeous and curvaceous, Fifi Tumie

The Self-contained social media flower is one of the very few naturally well endowed babes, whose curves leave Bazzinyi wondering and wishing they could be in charge of them.

Just a simple scroll through her IG timeline will blow your mind! The bummy slay mama lives a lavish and expensive lifestyle even when her source of income is not known.

Her thin waistline, adorable face and smooth road to ‘thighland’ points to the fact that she eats enough ‘Kachumbali’ and presumably, showers Rwenzori mineral water. Her choice of tantalizing outfits is something to fuss about.

Her close pals say, Fifi Tumie loves the camera. This is evident on her social media pages. She often records and posts videos of her doing her thing. She also loves ‘Kwetega’ in flashy hotels.

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