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Middle income status still a dream in Uganda-Besigye

The leader of People’s Front for Transition (PFT) Dr Kiiza Besigye says Uganda has a long way to go to enter a middle income status. This is after president Museveni confirmed to the nation during his State of the Nation Address that Uganda had attained $1,046 GDP per capital surpassing the threshold of the World Bank of $1,036.

However, speaking to the media at the Justice Forum head office in Mengo, Besigye said the president’s remarks do not reflect what’s on the ground as many people are still living below the poverty line, while just a handful of those in power continue to accumulate wealth through what he called illegal means.

He noted that this is more evident now as the country is battling inflation and high costs of living.

Besigye also wonders why a highly debited nation like Uganda has many ministers, legislators, presidential advisors and RDC’s who survive on tax payers’ money, urging government to cut on its spending in order to save the suffering poor Ugandans who cannot afford two meals a day.

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