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Most Artists Who Endorsed King Saha Are Not UMA Members

Most Artists Who Endorsed King Saha Are Not UMA Members
King Saha and Cindy Sanyu are facing it off for Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) top office.

The incumbent, Cindy Sanyu had been under fire because most of the Industry’s top artists endorsed King Saha.
But she is confident of her upcountry support claiming that King Saha is only popular among musicians in the Central region.

She has also warned her haters about a possible landslide despite the high noise and support from King Saha’s camp.
The self-proclaimed “King Herself” says most artists that are endorsing King Saha are not registered members of the association.

“Most of those people are not registered as UMA members. It is just showbiz. It will be a landslide victory for me,” she said.
The association is yet to announce the official date for voting but we have learned that elections are due to take place in May this year.

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