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“Museveni No Longer Picks Up My Calls, I Am In Huge Debts”- Catherine Kusasira Cries Out

Singer Catherine Kusasira turned emotional as she shared the painful experience that she has been through since the 2021 general elections.

While being hosted by Dikteta Mark on CBS FM, the “Nkola Ya Taxi” singer shed tears live in the studio as she narrated how she is facing a challenging phase in her life as all the promises that President Museveni made to her are yet to materialize.

She added that there are a lot of individuals within the NRM party who are fighting against her to sabotage her plans.

The teary singer complained about how she has so far lost a lot of her own property which she worked for before joining politics and showing solid support for the Head of State, something that she regrets.As she closed her lamenting, Kusasira sounded positive saying she has hope that the President will one time fulfill his earlier promises despite the so many bad-hearted people next to him that are making her life miserable.

“I feel a lot of pain that I can’t explain to you or to someone else inside me. But all the pain comes as a result of enemies who are fighting against me left and right that makes me just find myself in the center squeezed from there.

My tears and pains are of a combination of many things that include my property that I have lost include that which I worked for as a musician because fans supported me overwhelmingly and I made some money but now all is gone.

I am being fought by many individuals and I know the president’s word is a direct order. I support President Museveni as an individual but I request what he directs, let it be done because some of us who love him we face lots of challenges and difficult times.

We are fought side by side and you find that those who don’t support him don’t fight us as much but those in the party play all sorts of dirty games against us.” – Catherine Kusasira

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