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Museveni should not preach ‘okukekereza’ when he spends Shs1.8b per day, says FDC

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party has watered-down President Yoweri Museveni’s tips to Ugandans on how to get through tougher economic times.

On Sunday, Museveni addressed the nation about the current economic challenges, and he urged Ugandans to ‘Okukekereza’ (frugality) or abandon using commodities that have alternatives.

According to the FDC spokesperson, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, Museveni is preaching water and drinking wine.

“Mr. Museveni continues to live a life of ostentation as if the country is not in distress. He employs 1500 employees at his residence (State House), including 139 presidential advisors. He has even included Shs 8.3 billion in the budget to pay rent for these advisors. And you know who these advisors are: Butcherman, Full Figure, Kusasira.

The total budget for Museveni’s residence is now Shs677 billion, translating into Shs1.8 billion per day. And the budget for his office is Shs 147 billion, translating into Shs400 million per day,” said Ssemujju.

Ssemujju said Museveni should be the first to cut expenditure on avoidable items.

“Museveni has given himself Shs140 billion in the budget passed for donations. He has money for workshops and seminars at his residence. Really. Who attends seminars at the State House? The wife is busy because she is the minister of education. The girls are married. Who attends workshops at State House?” he asked.

“There is money –Shs2 billion for welfare and entertainment –Shs3.4 billion, agriculture supplies and services – Shs2.8 billion, Classified expenditure Shs 88 billion, travel inland Shs70 billion, consultancy services Shs 138 billion. Even with this proposed cut, our president will still live a good life,” he said.

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