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“Museveni was behind the assassination of Kayiira.” – Bobi Wine

“Museveni was behind the assassination of Kayiira.” Bobi Wine
Yesterday 06th – February- 2022 marked exactly 35 years since Dr. Andrew Kayiira was assassinated in cold blood in Lukuli- Makindye a Kampala suburb at the home of his friend a journalist now in exile called Henry Gombya.

Kyagulanyi says he has read so many books especially ‘the price of freedom’ by Francis Bwengye which implicate Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his NRA army for masterminding the attack and taking the life of Kayiira.

Kyagulanyi says even when Kayiira was killed, his killers should know that one day they will have to answer for all the crimes they have committed against the People of Uganda.
In his post on social media, Kyagulanyi also made it clear that many other people like Gen Nyakayirima, Afande Kirumira, and Sheikh Muzaata were all killed under unexplained circumstances but all the culprits will one day be brought to book.

“According to the book, which relies on credible eye-witness accounts and the deep research conducted by the author, Dr. Kayiira was gunned down by NRA soldiers on the orders of dictator Museveni and his regime. ” Kyagulanyi wrote

“I know that Dr. Kayiira will never rest in peace until the whole truth is laid bare for everyone to see. So I want to encourage all of you who are about justice to find this book and read it. ” Kyagulanyi adds

“Dr. Kayira loved his country and he was no tribalist — unlike dictator Museveni. Francis Bwenje the author of this book is still alive and can attest to this.
Many eyewitnesses are also still alive (although living in exile) and they can share their stories. ” Kyagulanyi further added

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