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My Hubby Will Gift Me A Jet On Our Wedding – Dr. Kulthum Nabunya

If there is any person currently enjoying life and living it large, it’s none other than Dr Kulthum Muzaata, the widow to the late Sheikh Muzaata.

She recently introduced her lover Akram Gumisiriza in a very pompous ceremony last month. Gumisiriza gifted her a brand new monstrous and luxurious ride.

She’s now revealed that her husband will gift her a jet on their wedding day. This is slated to take place on the 18th of December, a few weeks from now.

Kulthum also laughed at critics who claimed that the car given to her by her husband had a personalized number plate which was a sticker. She however had reporters touch it to certify that it was indeed an authentic number plate.

“Why are people so concerned about my lifestyle? They will have a hard time trying to cope with my lifestyle. Those without money can’t understand this but these are the things that money does. My car is real and on our upcoming wedding, my husband will gift me a jet. So the haters should we really sit tight,” said Kulthum.

A glance at her can really tell that she’s deeply and madly in love. It’s like she had never been married at all because the excitement she possesses over Akram is too much.

Kulthum Muzaata and Akram got hitched shortly after her husband Sheikh Muzaata’s death. The two revealed that they had known each other for about a year prior to dating.

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