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“My Journey in media hasn’t been an easy walkthrough” – CEO Tifah

A well raised muganda-munyankore raised in Muyenga CEO TIFAH alias Life Of The Screen  speaks out on how she joined media earlier last year. It wasn’t an easy journey for me to join TV presenting after along time is when my dream came true and met OUMA PRESENTS at Stv Uganda who gave me chance and groomed me to what I am today but has always been my dream since day one .I want to take this opportunity to thank my family mostly my mum and big sister for always being their for me in this journey.

I joined TV Presentencing on the 12th of June 2021 as a show host (Stv Youth Map) the best youth show when it comes to youth edutainment alongside other presenters like Pam Malaika (Tv Goddes) Msharif Rhodez ,Star Elicuts and Belle Siamah who have taught me a lot in this industry. Mostly being patient with process

CEO Tifah is one of the most beautiful and talented upcoming presenters we have to watch out for in Uganda under OUMA Marketing Agency. She is also an Ambassador at UMCAT (the best school of mass communication & journalism) .she has been seen hosting a lot of red carpet events and cooperate gigs i.e. company end of year parties ,awards and also the high school official judge come 30th April at Kati Kati for the all schools grand finale and taste her preferences.

CEO Tifah hosts a show on Stv Uganda every single Saturday from 12pm to 2pm many of you would not want to miss her out..Many have been talking about her dress code as the best when it comes to the youth league however we tried to reach her on her phone for more info about her super expensive attires but all in vain…

She is talented and well known of loving her job..Thank you guys for loving me and supporting my hustle (CEO Tifah tell her funs)

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