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“My Relationship With Omar Ssali was the most toxic relationship” – Faridah Nakazibwe

NTV Uganda Mwasuze Mutya host Faridah Nakazibwe has finally come out to talk about her failed relationship with ex- lover Omar Ssali.

Faridah Nakazibwe described her relationship with Dubai – based lover Omar Sali as the most toxic relationship she has ever been in.

“You reach a point and there are people watching you, and you now start trying so hard to look good . But you find yourself with a partner who can’t sympathize with you. So, they start taking advantage of the situation because they know you are worried about leaving. They take advantage of your vulnerability. Along the way, my relationship became extremely toxic. I may not tell you everything, it was four years of a lot of toxicity,” she said.

During her recent Interview she disclosed that it was full of blackmails that she had to keep the problems to herself because she had ever been betrayed before so it wasn’t new to her.That at certain point he threatened to destroy her name by sharing her secrets on social media.

“It affected me in so many ways… That was a terrible time for me. Nobody knew, not even my mother knew. Because a lot of rumuors had been spread about me. I kept a lot to myself… up to now, my mother doesn’t know. It’s only a few friends who I opened up to” , she disclosed.

However ,she attributed her toxic relationship with Omar to distance between them which made it hard for her to get know him more.

She further revealed breaking up with Omar was her biggest achievements in past five years.

The pair formalized their romance in 2016 after Nakazibwe ended her short romance with ageing wealthy politician Mosses kigongo.

Nakazibwe and Omar wedded in 2018 in glamorous ceremony but their resolved to end their romance five years ago when Faridah stopped posting photos of Omar on her Social media.

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