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No one should cut off my tattoos when I die – Eddy Kenzo

Singer Edrisah Musuuza better known as Eddy Kenzo has revealed that no one should dare remove his body tattoos when he dies.

According to Islamic teachings, body tattoos are considered haram (forbidden), which is why when a Muslim dies with a tattoo, they cut it off.

Muslims also teach that tattoo ink gets in the way of purification water that one must take before praying the daily prayer, making their prayer impure before God.

However, during an interview on local television, Kenzo made it clear that no one should ever cut off his body tattoos.

“When I die, no Muslim should dare cut off my tattoos, if they haram, I will solve it with Allah,” said Kenzo.

Tattooing on the human body is considered a kind of physical modification and decoration.

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