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NUP supporters need to understand that we’re all looking for money– King Michael

The pre-election year 2020 will remain in the history of Uganda! The blood on Kampala streets left different memories to many Ugandans, many lost their lives, a number are still nursing bullets wounds and of course, some were left celebrating with bags of cash from the ruling party.

The 2021 presidential election caught many people’s attention with many believing that National Unity Platform (NUP) candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine was to be their savior and others believed National Resistance Movement (NRM) Yoweri Kaguta Museveni still had ‘Stamina’ to rule the country.

This left supports divided and bitter at each other’s camp.

Since Bobi Wine is a musician turned politician, Museveni was able to win the hearts of some of the popular musicians; Bebe Cool, Catherine Kusasira, King Micheal, Big Eye, Ronald Mayinja among others, to face the popularity of the Fire Base Crew CEO.

However, it turned into the ‘end of career’ decision for most of the artistes that joined NRM. They have been pelted with empty bottles, forced off stage by fans something that is leaving them sinking in poverty after the party also ignored them after elections.

It is against the background that now faded singer King Michael blasting (NUP) supporters who can’t let him and other NRM singers perform.

During an interview with BOOM.UG, King Michael said supporting NRM and music shouldn’t be mixed with politics.

According to King Michael, fans need to understand that everyone is looking for money and should allow people to make money in their talents without including politics.

“Fans need to understand that we are all looking for money, we cannot sing for particular audiences. Artists should also know that there is time for politics and business. Politics ended and so we are back into business,” King Micheal said.

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