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Nwagi breaks stage mid-performance in Mbarara, Swangz Avenue speaks out

Singer Winnie Nakanwagi, alias Nwagi fell down in the middle of her performance at Agip Motel in Mbarara on Saturday night. The singer, who was singing her hit single Magic, had her left leg break through the wood up to the point to the point the upper thigh meets the butt. The other part of the body remained on top and people on the stage were quick to help her up.

Nwagi continued to perform and ended the song amidst a cheering audience, according to a 43-second clip seen by this reporter.

Swangz Avenue speaks out

Nwagi’s manager at Swangz Avenue George Bakuuta Gonzanga, also known as Gonza said the singer sustained minor bruises but they are yet to ascertain whether there are internal major injuries.

“First of all, she didn’t fall on stage, her leg went through the stage,” Gonza said via a phone call, adding that it was a wooden stage.

“I guess… the strength she was using was a lot and high-heeled boot broke through the wood and her leg went through, and she just came up, brushed it off, and continued.”

Asked whether she sustained injuries, he said: “She just got a bruise, I think on the knee and kept on [going], but you know sometimes you feel the after-effects in the morning.”

Gonza continued: “We are yet to tell properly. But so far we’ve not yet… had serious injuries. But I’m yet to find out more.”

Nwagi is set to perform in Masaka today. She also has other concerts in Mityana on September 16, Entebbe on September 17 and she will wrap up with Mukono on September 18.

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