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Nyege Nyege Festival; S3x Orgies, Vulgar Language And Minors Banned

Following the okaying of the Nyege Nyege Festival by the Government, a number of guidelines have now been released that should be followed by both the organizers and the partiers.

S3x orgies, vulgar language, and minors are some of the things that have been banned from the Festival.

A statement released by the Ministry of Information and National Guidance contained the guidelines which they urged those involved to follow.

These guidelines followed Parliament’s ban on the Festival over sexual immorality issues. However, PM Rt Hon Robinah Nabbanja gave a green light for the event to go ahead. Parliament however maintained its stance over banning the Festival.

Nabbanja added that the government would provide a number of guidelines on which the Festival would run and indeed they did.

“Minors (persons under 18 years are barred from the festival), sex orgies and nudity are prohibited at the festival. Contraband or narcotic drugs are prohibited at the festival,” Baryomunsi said in a statement released on Friday afternoon.

“Vulgar language, songs, expression and gestures are also prohibited at the festival.”

Further, this statement said that the security officials from the ministry will have free entry into Itanda Falls. This is to ensure the guidelines are followed.

Baryomunsi urged the organizers especially Busoga Kingdom to follow these guidelines. And once they are breached, Uganda Police will reserve the right to cancel it.

“Uganda Police Force shall work closely with the organizers to enforce the guidelines at all times. Breaches will attract sanctions including prosecution. In case of serious breaches, police will stop the festival and order everyone to vacate the Nyege Nyege site,” Baryomunsi warned

This statement also says that the reason why the event was allowed is to foster one of the NRM’s goals of freedom of movement. This year’s festival is set to take place between 15th-18th September in Jinja at Itanda Falls.

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