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‘Once you cry, you are no longer baddie man’ – Jenkins takes swipe at Gravity

Singer and music analyst Jenkins Mukasa said Gravity Omutujju lost his industry cred as a tough guy after crying in front of camera yet he had cultivated an unapologetic persona.

“Once you cry, you are no longer baddie man. You’ve to be tough… [mimics Gravity crying while talking about how he’s the only person in his family that’s making some significant income yet people are trying to ruin his career]… people look after people,… don’t bring that on TV; just produce good music. Don’t tell us about your responsibilities; Kampala is full of responsible people,” Mukasa said, according to a video shared on TikTok.

While talking to YouTuber Daniel Katende, alias Kasuku, the president of Uganda Bloggers Association Olaxes Ismail, aka Kalevu said: “You are crying touching your mucus, what type of nonsense is this? Why don’t you bring a tissue?… I can’t shake hands with you Gravity, you’ll forgive me. I felt so bad, he is no longer Omutujju, he is now just Gravity, the coward,… You can’t do that. This is what kills brands.”

He added: “I’m shocked by DJ Nimrod unless he intended to destroy his reputation… Nimrod came knowing the outcomes because no one can allow you to touch mucus [Nimrod was present at the conference, which Gravity had organised to clarify scathing remarks he has been making about Jose Chameleone, Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool] since October 1… Never cry in front of a camera… you looked bad and your fans can’t forgive you thanks to Chameleone, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine.”

He continued: “You’ve eventually shown that you are not as great as you thought… Go and look for any musician that has ever cried in front of a camera and see where he is now… I was initially supporting him because I thought he was branding himself and the Chameleones were starting to worry,… you’re no longer Omutujju, go and pick another name, maybe Gravity the cryer.”

Gravity in his media address said the comments he made had been misinterpreted, but gospel singer and social commentator Kaye Wisdom doesn’t agree.

“I want Gravity to regain his senses… you can either earn a blessing or a curse from Bobi Wine… Gravity can’t construct three consecutive English sentences, he can’t speak French or Swahili. For a person, who speaks Luganda, what didn’t we understand?” he said.

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