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Oulanyah’s burial committee is suffering due to lack of funds- Chairperson

Oulanyah’s burial committee is suffering due to lack of funds- Chairperson

The Acholi Members of Parliament have issued an ultimatum to the government to release funds meant for burial preparations of former speaker Jacob Oulanyah.

This comes after the local burial committee chairperson, Okello Douglas Peter Okao revealed that they have not yet received money from the national organizing committee, and they are limping due to lack of funds for adequate preparation.

Tensions escalated at the Jacob Oulanyah burial site in Ajuri village, Omoro district as the MPs delivered a scathing assessment of the organizing committee for the burial of the former Speaker of Parliament.

Anthony Akol, the chairperson of the group, said that the Government had not yet received the necessary money to facilitate the activities that have been planned ahead of the burial on April 8, 2022.

Initially, the published budget was Shs2.5b, but due to unrest in some sections of the population, the budget was slashed down to Shs1.8 billion.

The Puranga chiefdom prime minister Francis Mawa believes that if the money is insufficient, then the government should raise the budget to Shs3b.

The locals want the national organizing committee to streamline the budget and release the money.

Okema Leonard, the assistant director in charge of human resources at the Parliament of Uganda, called for calm as the Parliamentary commission will handle adjustments to the budget.

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